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The Creative Process Pt. 2

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A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them. – Liberty Hyde Bailey

In my previous post I talked about developing a personal process to channel your creativity. The same principles apply to church creative processes. When working in a church creative team, whether that’s just you or a whole bunch of folks, it’s necessary to plan for creativity. Putting parameters and deadlines together is much like cultivating a garden. You have to set up boundaries, watering schedules, prune, fertilize, rinse and repeat. Eventually, with a little sunshine, you get some great produce! Over the past couple of years we have worked hard to refine our church creative process. Though it felt a little unnatural at first, we grew to embrace it as it has helped us create some amazing things.

Our church’s creative planning process is as follows: Continue reading “The Creative Process Pt. 2”


The Creative Process Pt. 1


There are those out there that think that the words “creative” and “process” should never be used together. We can all think of the stereotypical creative who works on his own time frame, is chronically disorganized, but some how manages to occasionally put out greatness. As a creative myself, I can identify with much of the aforementioned stereotype, but, I am here to tell you today, there is a better way. Organizing and setting timeframes may be uncomfortable and feel very confining but it will propel you on to creating the best art of your life.

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