The Creative Process Pt. 1


There are those out there that think that the words “creative” and “process” should never be used together. We can all think of the stereotypical creative who works on his own time frame, is chronically disorganized, but some how manages to occasionally put out greatness. As a creative myself, I can identify with much of the aforementioned stereotype, but, I am here to tell you today, there is a better way. Organizing and setting timeframes may be uncomfortable and feel very confining but it will propel you on to creating the best art of your life.

I have a friend who is an amazing musician, producer, and singer-songwriter. He forces himself to put out an album every year. In a recent conversation, he told me that this initially stressed him out, but in order to bring his ideas to fruition he needed to add structure. If he didn’t, he would never get around to writing. Through this discipline he has honed his craft immensely and continues to regularly make great music.

Like I said before, I’m not a natural processor. Here are a couple of things that have helped me grow in this area:

Partner with process oriented people. One of the greatest things I ever did to grow in my processing prowess was marry my wife. She is a process oriented beast. Processes, systems, and goals are second nature to her. She has been able to help me set realistic timeframes and organize my creativity. I also have a coworker who has processing as a superpower. I’m pretty sure he dreams about org charts and spread sheets. Though the two of us are polar opposites, working with him has helped me become far more productive and create some great things.

Use technology to help you. Through programs such as evernote, you can capture ideas when and where they come to you. They are then immediately synced with all of your other devices so you can pick up your projects later. You can also set reminders to keep your projects on schedule.

In part two, I will write about our church’s creative process. Implementing structure within our church creative teams has helped us to get out from behind the eight ball and start making some great art.

Question: What tips and tricks do you use to propel yourself on to greater creativity?

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